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in ukraine. joining us now to help you understand this situation jennifer glass from ukraine. jennifer, welcome to the program. it's unclear what's going on in the skies over the ukrainian peninsula and the ground. soldiers we don't know where they came from, and helicopters unmarked. do we know what's going on in crimea? >> i'll tell you what we do know tonight is the air space over crimea is closed. a commercial airport has canceled all flights until tomorrow evening here. there are armed men at the airport today. i tried to talk to them, but they wouldn't tell us if why they were where, where they were from, if they were russian or ukrainian. there is nothing to identify them as russian or ukrainian. we saw the same thing at the airport now that's a military airport about an hour from here. we did see there is a youtube video showing helicopters heading towards that airport earlier today we're not exactly sure who these men are. television showing even more troops at the airport, which is as i said, closed. very uncertain situation here in crimea. home to russia's black sea fleet, a
minister next week in rome to talk about the situation in ukraine. ill gun owners in virginia now have a -- >>> gun owners in virginia now have a way to protect themselves if they are perhaps charged with some sort of gun law violation. former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli opened the first of its kind virginia law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of gun owners. peggy fox talked to cuccinelli today to find out more about it. >> reporter: ken cuccinelli says he's happy to be off the campaign treadmill and now focusing on his family, his own law firm and a separate whole new kind of law practice, one dedicated to defending gun rights. >> if they lawfully use a gun to defend themselves or are essentially harassed for legally carrying where they're allowed by law to carry, we weekend them start to finish. >> reporter: he and three partners have launched virginia's self-defense law. the difference with this firm is that they charge a low monthly retainer of $8.33. >> people are retaining a lawyer. they have a lawyer. this is not an insurance plan. that's an important dist
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forces? gerri: so that was the president addressing what is a rapidly developing situation in the ukraine. what is described as developing crisis. the president himself saaing he is deeply concerned about russian military movements in that region. finds it deeply destablizing. i will go to kt mcfarland who has a lot of experience with these kinds of events. what do you make of the president's statements and what do you make of the events going on right now in the ukraine? >> first of all the president really didn't say anything. please don't do this. we hope everything works out well. he didn't lay out any red lines. which is good news. couple things you need to watch. we think it is political but it is economic. it is economic for the following reasons. ukraine needs a massive bailout nobody is stepping forward to bail them out. european union doesn't have any money and don't feel like they have. the united states may bail out. president's offer ad billion dollars. that is chump change. they need 30. imf may bail them out. they have the money but they will have strings attached. they wil
. now back over to you. >> growing tensions this morning. >> more on the situation in ukraine. militants around one of the biggest airports. 5:12. 13 >> this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> we are back. police investigating a homicide. a woman was shot and killed on j street northeast. her name has not been released. a teenage boy was also killed in the district in southeast. so far no arrests have been made. 45 people are displaced after a fire in springfield. it caught fire surely after 10:30 last night. 13 people were treated for smoke in relation. it is still unclear what caused that fire. >> new developments from ukraine. russia's military is blocking an airport. patrollingd men were a second airport nearby. russian authorities have refused to comment. we're standing by for a news conference by viktor yanukovych. he is not been seen publicly since saturday. >> the funeral is set for 2:00 this afternoon. the mayor died after battling lung cancer. she was 76. she served on the town council of thvienna. of delegates committee will hold a hearing on medical marijuana bill
school's fault lines in ukraine's towards east peacemaking situation in the capsule asking for a pro now. but domestic events here in crimea that says outreach to the unfolding drama across this southern parts of ukraine. you can see behind me the parliament building here in the crimean capital since the cold wet it was i'm in the early alice so often the likes of dave got the backs of all groups about sixty sixty men went into the building. they have since let lawmakers into the building to cost a decision to hold a referendum on crates are all on the full crimea. in may. i'm so it seems rather a portal to my hse operation service here on saying those men are still inside the building a house up for these cold cold winds around the building is well on the small group of protesters waving russian flags on russian navy slacks and also the russian navy slacks going into the at fault it's simpler awful in the small hours of the nights sold just that. perhaps they will know that since they were wearing. what what appears to be admitted to uniforms with prop up a minute to tell mixed with the
much. >> that was president obama addressing the white house to score on the situation in the ukraine. i want to bring in our chief washington correspondent peter cook. peter, the president described it as deeply this day blazing -- and the stabilizing -- des tabilizing. is that the moment to talk for i'm very annoyed? >> you are right. this is a situation that is getting worse, not better, and it is a warning of sorts. ukrainiann of the sovereignty would be deeply destabilizing to the region. he is deeply concerned by the reports that these russian , and this isments a warning street to the russian military, that the rest of the world is watching you. what sort of consequences would there be for the russians if they have indeed crossed that line? and where do we go from here? this was an effort to have this white house ratchet up the pressure on the russians, and escalate this into a larger crisis than it was just a few hours ago. >> the president also talked about how we invited the russians to be a part of the international community's effort to stabilize the situation and the sove
asked the security council to consider the situation in the ukraine as seriously as it is and to undertake the appropriate to stop to assist us whichngerous developments are challenging the international peace and our territorial integrity. thank you. >> how would you characterize the russian military movements, as aggression? >> yes, because some of them identified themselves as russians. we know specifically some of the the 22ndr example special brocade of the intelligence department, the foreign forces of the russian theration, we know involved special law enforcement company. i gave you the name of this captain who led his group because of the decision of the crimean parliament, and we identified the presence of the russian aircraft and helicopters. the people who invaded in the parliament in the crimean keepingnt and who is the airports there to be identified. name ofou tell us the the naval officer, and can you tell us where these aircraft are headed? are they going into crimea or other places? and whether your government has control over the two airports in
tonight on the extremely fluid situation in ukraine, changing by the hour. wendell goler covers the president's brief address, but first, senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg keeping a close eye from london on this developing story. good evening, amy. >> hi, bret. the warm glow of the olympic closing ceremony has dispalted in less than a wee ukraine's crimea has probably something to do with local militia groups, protection groups, bret, but certainly, there is a russian military presence down there, and the question and the concern is where is it all leading? another jarring wake-up call in ukraine. armed men take over the civilian airport in the semiautonomous region of crimea, and where russia bases its black sea fleet. russia says its personnel there are doing business as usual, protecting their black sea fleet. ukraine's interim government jumped to declare this a violation of the terms of the agreement. >> we have the fact there are disguised military from the russian black sea fleet illegally conducting their actions in ukrainian territory in the republic of c
's different from two days ago. two days ago, i was telling you that i don't think ukraine is something that's going to derail this market. maybe for traders. it's not warrant zbld of course, what's different is, the president actually speaking to us about the situation and we don't know what it is going to be in terms of the statement. we don't know what the u.s. might have in terms of involvement. >> you have the s&p trading at 1868. traded off 20 handles. every opportunity to continue that decline into a weekend, into uncertainty, yet the thing turned and rallied 12 handles. which, to me, was the most impressive thing of the day. it's extraordinarily difficult even in the midst of what's going on here. intraweekend, press conference, still manages to close up. >> is this a reason to buy bonds? >> it could be. we had a big move in the bond market today. it could be a safe haven. see people going into treasury bonds. it was interesting to say, we had angela merkel actually talking to putin, that's the olive branch. we'll find out, hopefully, in the next ten minutes of what's going on. >> we
the turmoil ukraine's i financial situation. with the latest is ashley webster who joins us in studio. stuart: he surfaced in russia today calling for calm as crimea becomes a flash point, russian troops seizing two airports, that is the latest report. reporters of the news conference in southern russia today, that he intends to keep on fighting for ukraine's future against what he calls pro fascist thugs in kiev and is also blaming the west for his demise. >> irresponsible policies by the u.s.. particularly as strong country that will definitely be able to overcome. >> also saying russian intervention was not needed even though as we say russian troops had reportedly received -- sees two airports. the u.s. saying to russia, better back off but at the political divide widens ukraine's financial situation remains precarious. worried about pipers of the inflation ukraine's central bank has put a $1,300 limit on daily cash withdrawals. swiss and austrian authorities are blocking the assets of his associates while launching a corruption probe. ukraine's new government claims loans were $37 billio
had spoken to president putin. she shares the shame view as the rest over the situation. the ukraine, it is stated that any movements of russian troops either over the border were from the black sea bases will be considered a military aggression. >> and in or new, coming out of moscow, this friday, a russian court has ordered the house arrest of row test leader for two months. he is being barred. now, vladimir putin and the lead her of anti-criminal protest twos year ago, the army has denounced the ruling and is baseless. >> in other new, the french president has arrived in the central african republic. he has addressed troops based in the capital. the troop comes three mons into a military mission to stop deadly sectarian killing. he is due mcthe country's interim president later this afternoon. let's take a listen to what he had to say. [speaking in french] we have seen progress in several months particularly in the capital. one situation has significantly improved. there is certainly a lot more to do. what brings meaning to the efforts over the last three months that is advances h
is the west of the situation the ukraine. it's a set that any movement of russian troops into labor the border from the box seat bases. he coa minute read aggression the gm debate is expected to hold a news conference later this friday it will be the fist time he will be seen in . this was ousted last week was good to me. news just coming in of russian tribunal has ordered the house agrees to participate a statement at a premium on two counts as they come neil french prison for a spot along and has just arrived in the central african republic. his trip comes in the three months into a military mission to stop deadly sectarian killing as for the more i do this individually. along the street to meet the country's interim cousin catherine sent a pass. think as chris martin o'neill has mall. jt flow of funds flowed onto fact the french case the weather doing it this time when the party of course just voted for the deployment of next up for hundreds of them to the hit of the places that takes us inside meets the president of central african republic. catherine assembled on site as well as religiou
before the ukraine situation overflowed into the rest of the market was beta coming out of the market. that may be in front of the weekend. it may be just profit taking in front of uncertainty or potential uncertainty. that's not an abnormal reaction for a market like this. it's come a long way. >> thanks, every. stick around and catch tim seymour on "fast money" at 5:00 p.m. we'll look forward to all of that. more ahead on the market's mixed performance today after a day of mostly green arrows. markets turn negative but the dow and s&p then creep back into positive territory. all of this despite reports of raised tensions between russia and ukraine. two top market pros women weigh in next. plus troops on the ground in ukraine taking over an airport in crimea. and "meet the press" moderator david gregory will join me for more. and "meet the press" moderator >>> welcome back. as you can see, markets ending this week on a volatile note. a lot of it tied to uncertainty in ukraine and what russia may or may not be doing. still, the s&p 500 closing at an all-time high and the dow isn't too
process of ukraine. >> the white house is also keeping a close eye on the situation in ukraine. >> we're not going to speculate about what we might do if something might happen. we're going to focus on the kinds of communication we're having right now, and focus on the international 1969 to assist ukraine. >> as the reportedly russian-backed soldiers took up their positions in crimea, former ukrainian president viktor yanukovych, was holding a news conference in southern russia. he insists he is still president of the country. >> i repeat it over again. i'm the elected president of ukraine, and i remain the legitimate president of ukraine. >> philty nery joins us live, and the country is moving on without yanukovych. what is he saying? he wants to return to ukraine? >> reporter: he's very critical of those who are the sitting government in kiev. he even called them fascists. but it's not just those in kiev that he's critical of. he squared off against western powers and blamed them for this crisis. >> i fully take responsibility upon those who brought our country to this crisis. and i
. the situation in the ukraine is developing quickly. isted president yanukovych holding a press conference today from russia. the u.s. government tries to pull together international funding to avoid a default. let's go to kiev and our reporter there, ryan chilcote. walk us through what has been happening in the south of the country in the crimea this morning. >> it is certainly seizing headlines. i am at the ukrainian central bank with the prime minister and the head of central bank are giving a joint briefing about the state of the country's finances. the prime minister left early. i did have a quick conversation with him, one on one, and they are studying the situation in the crimea. they're trying to figure out who these people are. what we're talking about is that at five :00 this morning, another group of armed men -- at 5:00 this morning, another group appeared at anve in the crimea. we have two eyewitness reports that there is a group of somewhere between 50 and 100 armed men that have been there for some time. the acting president of ukraine said that russia is moving its troops within
is the explanation of the situation. this is how it started to move around the ukraine. into which you crime year -- krimear eventually. the intentions i had were real threats.e new they said even the youngest grandchild was put on the blacklists. went to then kindergarten and preschool and took him away. he said i cannot risk the lives of my family. that is what the situation was like. >> keep your cool. i would like someone from the bench to speak now. gentleman in the black jacket. could you speak on the current situation in krimea. i represent to the moscow. what do you think is going to happen in crimea in the near future? >> i am here now. a friend of mine lives near the this city. find a temporary refuge here for a wild. , everything that is happening in crimea today is a natural breeze wants to the regime change that took place this year. the power that was done by radical mobsters. if you compare them to the 45 million population of ukraine. do not want to obey, and will not obey nationalists. of course i sympathize for what is happening with the militia units. they want to defend thems
a statement on a situation around the world this time the escalating tensions in the ukraine. jim sciutto, we're seconds away from the president of the united states. this is a big deal. no question. they are observing movement of russian troops on the ground. you don't need a full-scale georgia-style invasion for russia to do military intervention. you can have black ops and that's what appears to be happening there. including this morning when american lieders got they warned them not to make moves that could be misininterpreted as military intervention. and we're looking at a relationship in peril here. >> it's certainly reminding me of -- and i covered the cold war -- of what was going on then. >> absolutely. more anxiety than the day before and they are watching these movements. still, these are worrisome developments and you get that sense from the feeling and the comments. >> here comes the president of the united states. >> good afternoon, everybody. over the last several days the united states has been responding to events as they unfold in the ukraine. throughout this crisis we have
for president obama to speak about ukraine and the situation, as these reports have surfaced of russian troops landing in crimea. this as the ukrainian president, the former president now, yanukovych, spoke today from russia, as you were just discussing. saying he will still fight for ukraine. but the biggest development today, just within the past few hours, reports on the ground in crimea that some 2,000 russian troops have landed there. the pentagon confirming that some 12 aircraft have landed at the airport there. earlier, there were -- there were soldiers there that were not dressed in russian uniforms. they were in camo, but not in russian uniforms. they had secured the airport, and then 12 aircraft landed. estimated about 2,000 troops landing in crimea. now, the current administration, the authorities on the ground, as you mentioned, the election has been set. that they are saying that this is an invasion by russia. already, we've heard from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, saying and teaming up with the president of the united states in this statement. we've heard warnings fr
at it incredibly nervesly. the situation is still very volatile throughout ukraine as the new government feels its way. it's desperately trying to keep the country unified but sees events in crimea as a potential throat to that. >> for the moment, thanks. film friend live in kiev. we'll continue to monitor the situation in ukraine, and let you know of further developments. >> to venezuela, where anti-government protesters are calling for more demonstrations. on thursday security forces fired tear gas at crowds of demonstrators in caracas. thousands rallied in cities across venezuela, against the crackdown on the opposition. al jazeera's adam raney has the latest from caracas. >> venezuela's president was hoping that thursday, which kicked off a week-long holiday around the carnival, showing an easing of tensions between protesters and government forces didn't happen. we have several protests in the surrounding area, and protests in the south-west of the country on the border of columbia which is the epicentre of tense protests between people unhappy with the government, unhappy with rising inflati
two armed men seize two airports in crimea. we will have the latest on the situation in the ukraine, next on "now." ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> the complicated and bloody past of the ukrainian region of crimea is returning to the president -- present. armed militants have occupied two airports in the region. members of the ukraine's new government say the men were troops deployed from russia but the kremlin is denying those claims. this back and forth comes one day after russian president, vladimir putin, ordered a surprise military exercise on the bored other of ukraine with 150,000 russian troops. the russian flag was planted on top of crimea's parliament building. militants took control of government buildings there and pro-russian demonstrators filled the streets. earlier today in his first appearance since he fled kiev last week, ukraine's ousted president, viktor yanukovych, speaking in russian from inside russia, insisted he remained the legitimate leader of ukraine. mr. yanukovych is wanted for the mass murder of protesters in his country. despite russia's overt plex flexing of military
is summons ukraine's security chiefs over the situation in crimea. >> viktor yanukovych says he will fight for his countries future, but the question is how. julie mcdonald has more from london. julie. >> thank you. well, ukraine's ousted president insists he was forced to leave because of threats on his life. he says he'll return when he feels safe. where does that leave the new government, struggling to keep things under control as it is? let's get more from the former british ambassador to ukraine. yanukovych has shown clearly a man in denial at that press conference this morning. >> yes. he was in denial, claiming that he's still the president of ukraine, but he left last friday night. he's now taken himself off to russia and he has lost the support of the people who were supporting him before, politicians and government operators. by the time he left, the guards had already disappeared from around the presidential administration. the day after he left, the man who had been leading his party in parliament came on television and denounced him. >> do you think that's why this situation d
an apartment building catches fire. the situation in ukraine is getting more tense. at 5:00ning washington a.m. begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. the good news is we made it to friday.
recorded is it you will fall into and who phoned which will protect all of the situation room ukraine. last week. this is a no contest to some extent since the situation. and come in contact with him cooking an interesting time. when the kids and i teach it to tok to him from his room. on the podium. i'm transformed into it. the kids the game. i don't. we don't like analyzing the situation coming back to me it's a more stable situation we're in ukraine. goodman step by step any reaction to what one of our viewers as saying i think the european support the opposition in ukraine has increased the risk of a new cold war. human discuss the new principal to the ukrainian opposition during our day. cause why rome or london didn't say or think it was done in good faith. opposed to twenty the game. new real opponent to its creation in ukraine country music. just head up into the concrete. but just governance corruption. when nothing is going on. until four. q what was cool and i let on the first loss in the protection and the secret is now open. the three component is it weird to realize it. come b
ukraine don't see it that way. so the situation continues to be volatile there and quite unpredictable and president obama will come out momentarily and address it all. >> and we have -- we are inside the two-minute warning on that. kristen welker at the white house. stay with us, obviously. we want to go to jim maceda on the line with us, on the phone from moscow. jim, we are told that the 3red plead and also vladimir putin have had words and spoken to one another on the phone. what can you tell us about that? >> i don't have insight into that phone call but from my perch in moscow, we cannot underestimate the deep sense of rebee trail that president putin feels at this point, given the way the events eventually unfolded. they thought the february 21st agreement would lead to a series of benchmark, a timeline that would have taken yanukovych, kept him in power until the end of the year and then suddenly, everything was flipped on its ear. putin found himself outside of the loop as all of these forces, a whole new group of people that putin mistrusts profoundly were suddenly calling th
're getting new word this situation in the region of the ukraine is getting tenser by the moment. just receiving word that russian aircraft carrier carrying 2,000 military croups landed near the crimean port. and the russians are building up troops along the entire eastern border. we will keep you posted. john mccain reacting to that, and, senator, obviously this thing is sort of building by the moment. what do we do? it was predictable and predicted. putin has very little regard for the united states. he is committed and believed in with all his being that ukraine is part of russian. crimea has -- where major soviet naval base on the black sea is, and we could never geoff up and -- never give up and we're seeing an intervention that is deeply disturbing and alarming, and i don't think he thinks the united states is going to do much, given when he looks around and sees his troops in georgia and seeing american weakness and withdrawal. what do we do now? i think we have to, first of all, condemn it. second, get the immediately as quickly as possible, get the ukrainian economy going agai
ukraine, because there is now the u.s.-russian situation. how can russia say it's not involved when it is literally giving asylum to viktor yanukovych? >> all along, the russians have been saying that they're not involved, but certainly they clearly are. they've always thought the ukraine was part of their sphere of influence, propping it up with money stolen that they now say tens of billions of dollar may have been taken out of the country by the ruling yanukovych administration and they want those assets frozen in geneva. they may we will get it, the swiss saying that they will look into that, possibly freezing the assets, but also, the ukrainians saying that they want yanukovych extra do id back to kiev. >> this does not bode well for people who are students of history who watched the collapse of the soviet union. >> absolutely. vladimir putin is very concerned about ukraine for a variety of reasons, not least of which because of the geopolitical situation but internally in russia is keeping a close eye on what happened in ukraine. it's not that long ago we saw thousands of russ
out to blame the west for the situation that the ukraine is in. >> fully place responsibility upon those who brought our country to this crisis and i would say to this cast disaster. they are to blame for that and those who now in power and those of who today command them in my dawn, invisible, visible, behind the scenes and the west, the united states of america, who patrons. >> that echoes what we have been hearing in russia. we have heard the foreign ministry and kremlin saying that the crisis is sponsored by the west. that is condemnation in russia about what is happening in ukraine. there are deep concerns. russia assist militaryized along the border and thinking that is a lot of rattling and those exercises were already orders, never theless it is making people nervous and nato a watching those exercises. in addition to the border regions and the relationship between russia and ukraine, that is a question of viktor yanukovich's economic holdings and we have heard that geneva is going to freeze some of his assets and the standing government is saying they have looked at the bo
want to interrupt brad's report. the president is speaking about the situation in the ukraine. the crisis, we have been clear that the ukrainian people do the opportunity to determine their own fate. we have urged an end to the violence and encourage them to pursue a course in which they are stabilizing their country, and moving to elections this spring. i spoke several days ago with president putin. we have been in daily communication with russian officials. we have made clear that we can be part of an international effort to support a united ukraine moving forward, which is not only in support of the ukraine, but also in russia's interest. byare now deeply concerned reports of military movements taken by the russian federation inside the ukraine. russia has a historic history with them. any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing, which is not in the interest of ukraine, russia, or europe. these matters must he determined by the ukrainian people. it would be a clear violation of russia's commitment to respect the independenc
the ukraine security chiefs over the situation. >> meanwhile t deposed president viktor yanukovich is saying he's still the leader and forced to leave after receiving threats. so viktor yanukovich is saying he's going to fight for the country's future and the question is how. >> thank you. ukraine's president is insisting he was forced to leave because of threats on his life and will be returning when he feels it is safe. so where does that leave ukraine. >> he's claiming that he's still the president of ukraine. but he left last friday night. he's now taken himself off to russia and he's lost the support of the people who were supporting him before, the politicians and the government operators and by the time he left the guards disappeared from the presidential administration and the day after le left the man from parliament came on television and denounced him. >> is that why this is differing from egypt, he fled in this case. >> yes. viktor yanukovich did flee, that is right. o what about the work that the new government has to do, how behind them are the general population at the moment,
last week that they would not make new loans in ukraine until the situation clarified they're watching it closely but meanwhile business has already been eight seems to be a normal shape and people are paying their loans on time so far. what you think the risk is of contagion from the ukrainian situation economically. we'll have to look at it in terms of what's going on at the grassroots ukrainian businessman at the same problems as is my math everywhere. if the paper suppliers have to pay your employees to give credit to your customers. if you can't pay your employees with them they don't work they do on the street mobs get worse and the bad feelings get worse so far there has not been problems of mass non payment of employees in the private sector problems have been in the government sector people are building one of the ethical issues palaces so they weren't being paid and walked off the job. the kind of thing can become the snowball but were worried about that you just mentioned this ukraine were to default on its debts if ukraine where to run out of money how much of it without th
here is snow. the explanation of the situation said this is it's not uncommon around ukraine by two of the car then we went to claim your invention a loss. we will arrive to crying in a circle nights the tensions that i had. we're only in use. by the news spreads to hide the seams cools from the members of my family they said that said even the guys this is the renders a child. here's the deal was simple to blacklist. his inquisitive mind and the eldest son. the wings of the king to god's going to preschool today to do. two pm we were and he said i cannot risk the lives of my family says alice will the situation was like. you can't go. i was like someone from the bank to bank chance to speak now. yes the gentleman in the bag check a bit of heaven. mr yen above its. most of them was all wrestlers. if they say why we aaron ross tells nom nom to moscow for example and the senate and as st project is common to all the cars to station dealers brainiac. my and my dentist's to kindy and i represent anti moscow. so what do you think is carried to happen that ukrainian pinion future use. all
at the economic situation, ukraine today looks at -- for all 15 billion and there's 16 billion contact on this. you have 3.3 billion of unpaid gas bill. the gdp is not going and the uncertainty uncertainti uncertainties in this situation -- if you look, the growth and a few years after the growth is at 2%. this kind of revolution has been very, very big impact on gdp. and i will not be surprised if the gdp will be down around the likes of 8%. >> we've seen that luke with greece having to accept conditions. another flash out, ukraine temporarily introducing a ban on foreign exchange withdrawings. they'll law the currency to weakness. it's been quite dramatic the last couple of days. >> they were down 23% this year. it's good for a company. because for the banking system, this kind of shock, this kind of big movement will probably imply bank capitalization. >> and we're saying this morning that the central bank will continue to provide the banks with as much liquidity as isny needed. >> chief janet yellen says the central bank will try to get a firmer handle on how much of the recent data has be
of the situation to carry out everything which was stipulated by the agreement that when the president of ukraine on the position -- of the opposition with the participation of ministers of foreign affairs, france, germany, and poland, and also representatives of the russian federation. an immediate start and completion in september, 2014 of the constitutional reform, which would balance, which would balance all the powers of the president and the parliament. the presidential elections in 2014 now and the acceptance taking of the new constitution. of course, it's very important to conduct an impartial investigation of the acts of violence under the general monitoring of the authorities in position of the counsel of europe. immediate surrender of the illegal weapons and release of administrative buildings to the block of the streets, squares. the armed people should go, should leave the streets. the normal life operation of the citizens of the ukraine should be enassured both in kiev and other regions of the ukraine. it should be taken into consideration the interests of all the regions of ukraine
summit in brussels. take a quick lesson in this situation in the ukraine particularly encouraging me and fills us with great concern because of the utmost importance that we prevent the breakup of the ukraine and that special forces in the country are strengthened so of concern about da whether ukraine remains in one piece are not the russian foreign ministry meanwhile issuing a statement in response to all this saying that the nato defense ministers were sending equal to the wrong signal in their statements urging all sides to refrain from making what moscow referred to as provocative statements of islam not just coming from the nato ministers but reflected in the western press as well the news has certainly made front page headlines when a lot of speculation that moscow's decision to hold military drills is linked somehow to be addressed. that notion which the russian defense minister sergei should build disputed that saying that the emergency military drills were routine of largely on believe it to the developments in the ukraine and did i want to say that russia is of course clos
. ukraine's parliament is called on the united nations security council to monitor the situation, describing it as an armed occupation. >>> well, let's pick up with what's happening at two airports in the crimea, which is an autonomous region of ukraine largely inhabited by russians and other groups as well. it has the the biggest russian naval base there. the main airport is a joint airfield which is held both by the domestic and civilian parts and also it belongs to the ukrainian defense ministry. the bbc's christian frazier has tried to get into the sevatopol international airport. >> reporter: you might be able to see behind me the control tower and what looks like a military base. you can see there are barriers stopping anyone from entering. a couple hundred yards on, a very professional looking unit. they are carrying high-powered assault rifles, kevlar hell mats. they have not been down the road to meet us or talk to us, so we don't know who they are. quite clearly we're not allowed to go beyond this point. let me show you what is in front of the barriers. this is really what you woul
rights as the president of the ukraine after being driven out by this switch in kiev. and he's released a rather powerful state. we have seen a complete deterioration of the situation in him. this which has shown that people really have no power to control what is going on and certainly not in the entirety of the ukraine might add even more locally the ultra nationalist markets which which. the cynically you've made an attempt to ride the tiger of their violence into power. we're now in control of the streets so which i guess at this point must feel clean as and. to try to restore order to the country. meanwhile comment on the crisis have been coming in from pineapple ministers from the two countries. all on the reaction is of course one of the sheikh of health in the oven. nato defence ministers expressing a lot of concern over ukraine as well as their perception of the kremlin's response the nato secretary general on her spa rasmussen called on russia not to do with anything that would quote as cleats tension or create the misunderstanding he told the guy a meeting of the nato ukraine
to defuse the bomb a total situation across ukraine a country which has been in this sense all the time go forth between brush up on the west residents of the western city of novi if the heartland of ukrainian nationalists and unexpectedly voice that support for the country's russian speakers. businesses in the city which is the finest box in the crimea language and keep crying in all i can skate rink charging customers and employees alike to speak to us and for that guy coming at decision by parliament on some type to scrap a language school introduced in two thousand and twelve the son and a fight to the russian twist like to speak or two bouts of ukrainian. residents on patrons company car is just a rough in the morn rt language in the city and the solace in the city's officials likened to the is on it and so the woe is the bride gets license which usually roll cost in ukrainian ups which programming to russian leather said the system. we should respect all people don't speak ukrainian and those who speak russian the non autistic or next month. russian speaking cities in the east includ
may be on account of the situation in ukraine. it appears weakness was seeping into markets prior to those reports. the dow currently down 5. the nasdaq is down 25 and the s&p is down 1. >>> the plan to increase tolls on the golden gate bridge is approved. about two hours ago, the bridge district board voted to raise the toll to $7 in april. after that, the toll will slowly increase to $8 over the next four years. the bridge district says it needs the money to close a growing deficit. for drivers with fast track, the $1 discount will remain in effect for each of the toll hikes. >>> ktvu is proud to sponsor a first-of-its-kind event coming to the bay area. 16,000 students will fill oracle arena in late march to hear celebrity speeches and performances. the event is called we day. you can't buy tickets. the only way for kids to go is to earn a ticket by making a positive difference locally and globally. over the next month, leading up to the big event, we'll be sharing sawyers of children and schools doing just that. today, julie haener takes us to an elementary school on the penins
provocation. >> another thing that makes it very difficult for the future of ukraine is that money situation that you referred to. >> it is dire. how -- i mean, they are at the edge. how are they going to get money? >> there are reports from kiev. they may have as little as half a million in the bank. those are unconfirmed reports. it is clear that the new government was shocked when they went to the coffers and took a look and discovered that over an unknown period of time, not made clear. an unknown period of time billions of dollars were taken out of the country and sent off-shore. >> by whom, who has got the money? >> who has got the money where it is now, that is going to take a long time to unravel. >> but in the immediate european union, international monetary fund, the imf is talking about a billion dollar check sort of an emergency, get you through the knicks little while. new reforms. big reforms are obviously on the table in ukraine financially and economically. >> but a billion is not going to last all that long. >> no. >> thank you very much. >> now on to the weather. which a lo
in the coming days to assess the economic situation. you know what, any monies coming ukraine's way they are not going to come free or cheap. there will be demand and tough austerity measures needed. let's have a listen to this. >> for a few years they have been saying what ukraine need to do. fiscal consolidation. cutting spending and raising revenues. really important is reform. a lot of the budget deficit is because ukraine has a very high energy subsidies. it pays a fifth of the import price. energy has to rise as well. that's really, really important. it is important for getting rid of corruption. other bits are likely to be stabilization. that's the good news. the final bit is banking sector reform. the exchange rate when it weakens will credit a big hole and that one needs to be filled. >>> take a look at this, would you? is this the future of aviation? investors behind this giant airship believe it could revolutionize oil exploration to disaster relief operations. it will be able to lift 50 tons of cargo. it has been sold back to the british firm. it has won the financial ba
in emergency closed door session right now. we're expecting to hear something. this is all regarding ukraine. and a horrible situation there. ukrainian government says the russians have invaded and taken over our airports. that's what the ukraine government is saying. the e.r.a.s are saying, it's -- the russians are saying, it's not us. to be truthful the troops don't have insignature knea, just blank uniforms so they're not nying themselves as anything. but some russian troops from a base there are on the move so it's all adding up to putin being putin and the security council going to work on that. live updates throughout the hour. >> police in california can't catch a break. if the drought isn't enough, there's a cripple can storm coming the way. it's a mess. you need the rain but not in buckets all in one day. that's what they're getting. block can ok, here's the way the system works. let's say you pay your guy around 2 percent to manage your money. that's not much, you think except it's 2 rcent every year. does that make a difference? search "cost of financial advisors" ouch! over time
will be available shortly on the website at >> turning to the situation in ukraine the associated press reports secretary of state john kerry called russia a's foreign minister to express concerns of reports of pro- russia gunmen patrolling streets in armored vehicles and seizing several of airports in the region. the ap says that secretary kerry urged sir j. lab -- lavrov. back in washington washington, . president obama spent the day at the white house hosting a student film fests after him. later today 4:45 he will speak at the democratic national committee winter meeting being held at the capital hilton. we will have live coverage of the remarks on c-span. again it is up 4:45 eastern. let's go live to the briefing room under way about ten minutes press secretary jay carney speaking with reporters. the first several questions on the subject of ukraine. live coverage on c-span2. >> you were just talking about the concerns you have for the central russian involvement in ukraine. what option does the united states have available, should we reach that point? spinet i'm not going to specu
about the situation in ukraine earlier. the president said that the u.s. is deeply concerned about reports of russian military movement. he said there will be cost for any military intervention there. bill clinton's presidential library released 5,000 pages of confidential documents including correspondents with then first lady hillary clinton. >>> a video of supreme court arguments online. the court bans cameras in its chambers making this video exceedingly rare. one of the activists involved in the video could get 60 days in jail for breaking the but that bans language in the court. >>> in california there has been so much rain that people are preparing for floods. many have evacuated their homes because of fears of landslides. those are the headlines. i'm tony harris. "real money" is up next. david shuster is in for ali velshi tonight. >> a possible russian military intervention would be bad news for ukraine and unsettling to say the least for the global economy. we will explain. plus new data reveal that u.s. growth has been slowing down again. weather is a problem, and that wa
and cry me a shipping policy. ukraine will have state independence yuri news correspondent in ukraine says that three this referendum which would go on to autonomy to the claim even the pub make the situation is tending to kind of stance game between muscat and kiev. most guys just made it through a period crimea. and now the next day from the new kiev government. a twenty fold. the boss of the pond to the drama of a vandal the key in the center can tune in to the news it seems that all twenty. the united states has told russia to show that its promise not to intervene in ukraine is sincere. good afternoon everybody. this morning i called the foreign minister lavrov. and we talked to some length about the transition in the offensive in ukraine in the region. and i am specifically. the dr show work with the united states and with our friends and allies in order to support ukraine. to rebuild unity security that a healthy economy. the white has said that their warned russia to avoid provocative acts on to support ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty ukraine's eyes the president fo
airports of the russian-controlled area of ukraine and the tense situation there certainly continuing. nbc's bill neely joins us live from ukraine's kramia region. he would not offer assistance but is surprised at putin's silence, though. >> reporter: yes, i'm afraid it looks like victor yanukovych is a man in denial. this was his first news conference since fleeing ukraine, but he said he didn't really flee, he just left because his life was in some danger. he said he'd spoken to vladimir putin on the phone, but he wasn't asking for russian assistance, he said he wasn't toppled, and he called ukraine's new government illegitimate. very much a man in denial. meanwhile, ukraine's crisis in the country he used to rule is really at its center here. behind me, there is a pro russian demonstration and this crisis is all about russia, because the question being asked in kiev, is russia intervening in some way in crimea? there were reports and video of russian troops outside one military airport today. there were also pro russian militia troops, at least that's what we think they are, outside the
from ukraine. ukrainian leaders accused russia of a military invasion and occupation of crimea. newshour correspondent kwame holman has our report on the day's events. >> reporter: the situation in crimea approached a dangerous pivot point, as ukraine's new government accused russian forces of taking over two airports, a coast guard station and a border post. at a roadblock near one airport, this man said he had no idea who the armed men were, but they quickly set up a security perimeter. >> ( translated ): they arrived around 10:00 p.m. right there a machine gun was installed. the trucks passed through and immediately took control of the whole area; armed men jumped out from the trucks. >> reporter: the crimean peninsula is a bastion of support for moscow, and is home to russia's black sea naval fleet. the fleet command denied the well-armed, uniformed men on patrol were in fact russian troops, but russian military vehicles were seen outside the base, a possible violation of longstanding regulations. by late today, the gunmen had extended their hold on the main airport, and uk
. -- ukraine's borders. >> we'll do everything to stablilize the situation. >> also tonight - saving kids from the street. inspired by young black men in chicago, the president offers a new initiative. >> and the point was i could see myself in these young men. and by almost every
. ukraine's money problems, together with the situation in crimea, are shaking of the regional markets. the russian ruble fell to record lows against the u.s. dollar. ukrainian stocks also fell. it does not help that russia is flexing its military muscle. russia has put fighter jets on alert given what is happening in crimea. that on top of military drills that president vladimir putin ordered yesterday. >> i think the russian angle is what has people worried right now. they have signal that they will try to protect people in crimea. no one expects russian intervention right now, but with the military exercises yesterday, what happened in georgia is always in the back of people's minds to my that you could get some kind of russian reaction. >> u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel is concerned as well. he spoke yesterday to a group of ministers in belgium. >> we expect other nations to expect ukraine's sovereignty and avoid provocative actions. that is why i am closely watching russia's military exercises along the ukrainian border, which they announced as you know, yesterday. i expect ru
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